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May 6, 2016., “National Parents Organization Embraces Shared Parenting for the Single Mom,” Quotes Ned Holstein (National Parents Organization)

National Parents Organization urges single moms to join the push to make shared parenting the new norm, specifically, to support legislative proposals in many states, including Missouri, that advance it.

“Caught up in the pain and anger of a divorce, it is often very hard for a parent to accept the fact that the child loves and needs the other parent too,” said Dr. Ned Holstein, Founder and Board Chair of National Parents Organization. “On top of that, the family courts are still stuck in the mindset that their job is to pick one parent to be the custodial parent. The attorneys often prey on parents by creating fears of losing custody, and also entice them with the supposed advantages of winning sole custody. These so-called ‘advantages’ include a bitter and expensive custody battle, children who do more poorly than with shared parenting, a permanently hostile ex, and a relentless ordeal of work and childcare.”

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