Mary Winkler discusses her visitation with her daughters

Selmer, TN–“My girls are my girls, and I’m their mother. We were just put back together, and we picked up where we were separated.”–Mary Winkler, from Mary Winkler Breaks Her Silence (WREG-TV, 5/16/08)

Yes, Mary, you just pick up right where you left off. Please don’t let the fact that you shot these children’s father in the back and then allowed him to slowly bleed to death — even pulling the phone out of reach so the man couldn’t dial 911 to save himself since you wouldn’t — interfere in your relationship with your girls. Just get the girls back and it will be just like old times.

And of course television reporter Brian Kuebler can’t bring himself to utter one word questioning this happy scene or implying that anything could be wrong. His e-mail address is The full article can be seen here.

To learn more about this case, see my co-authored column No child custody for husband-killer Mary Winkler (World Net Daily, 9/14/07).

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