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June 16, 2016. Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Virginia Law Should Make More Room for Fathers,” By Cole Bockenfeld (National Parents Organization of Virginia)

In 1910, Father’s Day was created as the complement to the newly founded Mother’s Day. The role of the father has grown by leaps and bounds since then, and even more since the holiday was made permanent in 1972.

Working dads who live with their kids now spend an average of three hours a day with them, and virtually all bathe, change, eat with and play with their kids every day — or at least several times a week. Altogether, fathers have more than doubled the time they spend doing chores at home and nearly tripled the time they spend with their kids, while women have increased their time spent doing paid work. Significant gender gaps remain, but when you combine paid work with household chores and child care, moms and dads put in roughly the same amount of time for their families.

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