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Fathers & Families/Glenn Sacks have launched many effective email/phone/fax Campaigns and Action Alerts in defense of fatherhood and shared parenting, and have won many victories large and small. The new Fathers & Families Action Squad (FFAS) will take this to a higher level, and we want you to be a part of it.

We want you to be part of FFAS. Join the FFAS

Our protest campaigns have often garnered 10,000 calls & letters or more, drawn widespread mainstream media attention, and have largely been successful in achieving their goals. A few examples include:

FFAS will help support or oppose legislation as opportunities arise. Examples include:

To learn more about our campaigns, see our campaign page here.

Our Action Alerts–“mini-campaigns”–have also been effective. Weekly and sometimes daily the Fathers & Families Action Squad will publicly confront public figures who vilify or demean fathers and their loving bonds with their children. Some examples of past actions include:

The FFAS doesn’t just confront those hostile to dads, but also praises those who are fair and respectful to fathers and their children. A couple past examples include:

When Brandweek editor Todd Wasserman discussed the problem of ‘Dad as Idiot’ advertising in a column, our readers flooded the magazine with letters, 12 of which were printed. Wasserman told the Washington Times “I don”t think we ever got so much reaction.’

After our commendation of newspaper columnist S. Renee Mitchell’s honest column Mom might be the reason dad’s absent (The Oregonian, 8/20/08), Mitchell said she was swamped with complimentary letters, many of which she published.

The FFAS will also help increase the visibility of Fathers & Families’ press releases & blog posts on social networking sites.

We’re looking for your participation in our campaigns and Action Alerts, as well as your ideas for possible actions.

We want you to be part of FFAS. Join the FFAS

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