Help Us Gear Up for a Major Child Support Initiative

December 9, 2015

As we head into 2016, National Parents Organization needs your help to launch a major initiative against unpayable, unjust and unnecessarily large child-support awards.

Please support us by making a gift right now by clicking here. Gifts to NPO are generally tax deductible on your federal income tax return. If you have made a steady-level gift in recent years, we are deeply appreciative, and also hope you will consider an inflation adjustment. A gift today would need to be about $110 to match the buying power of a $100 gift in 2010, or about $125 to match a gift of $100 in 2005.

With the PR clout we have developed over the past year (over 300 media placements in the past year, including the Wall Street Journal, Time, USA Today, NPR, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, CBS, San Jose Mercury News, Baltimore Sun, Denver Post, and many, many more. (Visit our Media Coverage Page.) We plan to tell the world the TRUTH about child support abuses.

(At the same time, we will continue to fight for the right to raise our children in a shared parenting arrangement, whether the issue is bias in parenting time decisions, failure to enforce parenting time decisions, phony restraining orders, or easy moveaways by the custodial parent.)

We will let the world know that:

  • Child support that is too high has more harmful effects on children than child support that is too low;
  • Child support that is a windfall to the “winner” creates bitter custody battles that harm children;
  • Recent economic studies show that in most states, child support orders average about twice the actual cost of raising children;
  • “Child support” for those over age 18 is actually Adult Support and should be optional for the parents as it is for almost all other parents.
  • The only parents in the United States who can be forced to pay for the college education of their children are separated or divorced parents;
  • In most states, the child support formula was developed by people who profit financially from higher child support orders.
  • Major tax benefits for custodial parents intended to help children are not considered in the child support formulae of the states; so custodial parents get to double-dip, first in the amount of child support they receive, then in their lower tax payments;
  • Parents who have been clubbed to death by lavishly excessive child support orders cannot afford to return to court to protect their children from harm;
  • Parents are often crushed by child support orders based on “imputed income,” and such orders are tainted with severe gender bias; oftentimes, the courts require only one parent to work;
  • Parents often have to move far away from their children to find low-rent districts they can afford, and have to work long hours to make their child support orders; in sum, they are pushed out of their children’s lives by excessive child support, even in cases in which the children are financially comfortable and secure.

The special reports we will write, which will be the first comprehensive reports ever written from the point of view of the loving and caring non-custodial parent, will be expensive to research, write and publicize, which is why we need your help today.

No other organization in the country advocates for reasonable child support. If we can’t do it, nobody else will.

Don’t let this initiative die for lack of funds! Because the funds we raise between now and December 31 are the funds we will live or die with in 2016.

Go here and make an on-line gift today. If you are contemplating a gift of $1,000 or more, I suggest you make it by check, because on-line intermediaries take a percentage of the gift that can add up to significant amounts on larger gifts. Checks should be made out to National Parents Organization and sent to:

National Parents Organization
P.O. Box 270760
Boston, MA 02127

Finally, for those of you who do not see much activity by National Parents Organization in your state, we desperately want to become more effective in EVERY state, and ample funding is what will get us there.

Together with you in the love of our children,

Ned Holstein, MD, MS
(Volunteer) Acting Executive Director
National Parents Organization
(617) 542-9300

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