Heather Mills’ Ex-Press Rep-Mills Lied about Video of McCartney Abusing Her

Los Angeles, CA–As many of you know, during the Heather Mills-Paul McCartney divorce, Mills made many serious accusations of abuse against McCartney. 

In previous posts I’ve discussed contradictions in her story and speculated that her claims of abuse may be false. 

Now Heather Mills press representative for four years has come forward and helped confirm that Mills lied.

From Heather Mills”s Rep Confirms Abuse Tapes Were Imaginary:

Michele Elyzabeth, who was Heather Mills”s press rep for four years before she had enough, confirmed to Access Hollywood that her client never really had those video tapes of Paul McCartney being abusive toward her.

She told US news show Access Hollywood: “I really don”t believe she did (have the video).

“I was close enough and I heard a couple of conversations. Now that I know what I know, I don”t really think that Paul really went after her for anything.

“She had basically nothing – she had tapes of her being in the studio with him, her being on the road with him, private moments.

“She told me a bunch of stuff… (but) I don”t see him being a violent person.’

In case you didn”t follow the divorce mess too closely, Mills once claimed she had ten tapes that showed Sir Paul behaving badly, including one situation where he called her a “one-legged bitch.’

She threatened to show the sensational evidence to the court but mysteriously never did.

Now we know why.

You know what really bothers me about this?  It’s not that Mills made false accusations of abuse — as bad as that is, women do that in divorce and custody battles all the time.  What bothers me is that here a famous person did it and yet it doesn’t seem to matter. 

Many people have come forward condemning her for being a “gold digger” or whatever.  But how many have criticized her for making false accusations of abuse?  How many have drawn a connection between Mills’ accusations and what so many divorced dads have had to endure?

And why hasn’t anybody from the other side — the feminist side — criticized her for this?  You would think we would at least get a “false accusations are bad because they harm abused women” quote.  I haven’t seen anything.  If anybody has, please let me know at

Thanks to Wayne, a reader, for sending me the article.

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