Happy Thanksgiving!

We at the National Parents Organization wish everyone a happy, relaxed and peaceful Thanksgiving.  We all have much for which to be thankful and Thanksgiving is the day we set aside every year to pause and reflect on those things.  It’s a good spiritual exercise to do, to simply remember the good things in your life.

If you have a family, one of those things is that the movement away from laws that damage families in divorce are under siege as never before.  In my 17 years of advocating for family court reform, I’ve never seen the movement stronger or more diverse.  I’ve never seen its message so resounding and so little opposed.  The movement toward sanity in family law is gaining momentum.  We may soon see the day when children don’t lose one parent when the adults divorce.  We may soon see the day when one parent isn’t bankrupted by ruinous court orders for child and spousal support.  We may soon see the day when the consent of both parents to the adoption of their child is required.

Slowly but surely, the truth, along with fairness for adults and the real best interests of children are winning the day.  That’s truly something for which to give thanks.

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