Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

We at the National Parents Organization wish every one of you the happiest of Thanksgiving Days. 

As is appropriate, given the state of affairs in family courts, we gripe and moan a lot about the plight of fathers who so often lose all meaningful contact with their children, and children lose their fathers, courtesy of the sexist and out-of-touch-with-reality rulings of family courts.

But let’s not forget what we have to be thankful for.  Extended family and friends make our lives so much richer and more meaningful than they’d otherwise be.  We still live in a pretty prosperous and free country.  It’s not nearly as much so as we might like, but, considering the alternatives, the U.S. of A. measures up quite well.

The nut of equal parenting has been a tough one to crack, but daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, fissures appear and grow.  I can’t count the number of organizations at the local and state levels dedicated to the rights of children to real relationships with both parents post-divorce.  The National Parents Organization is growing by leaps and bounds, establishing affiliates in state after state that successfully pressure state governments to do the right thing for children.

Slowly it’s paying off and perhaps the most obvious and undeniable aspect of the whole thing is that, in state after state, country after country, this movement is here to stay.  Deny us today and we’ll be back tomorrow, fighting for parents and their children.  Count on it.

So have a great Thanksgiving Day.  Don’t eat too much, and wake up the next morning ready to carry the banner forward.

National Parents Organization is a Shared Parenting Organization

National Parents Organization is a non-profit that educates the public, families, educators, and legislators about the importance of shared parenting and how it can reduce conflict in children, parents, and extended families. Along with Shared Parenting we advocate for fair Child Support and Alimony Legislation. Want to get involved?  Here’s how:

Together, we can drive home the family, child development, social and national benefits of shared parenting, and fair child support and alimony. Thank you for your activism.


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