Happy Father’s Day!

June 16, 2013 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

To all the fathers out there, savor this day. Be of good cheer. The struggle for parental equality is gaining momentum with each passing month. More and more people and more and more organizations worldwide are heeding the call of children that they need both their parents to be the best, happiest and most content they can be throughout their lives. The struggle is gaining momentum because we have right and justice on our side. Parental equality is good for children, fathers and mothers alike. Against that simple fact, bias cannot prevail. It won’t be long before the dominoes start to fall, as each state and nation comes to the simple realization that it is a dysfunctional society that says “Dads aren’t important.” The truth is out, justice is clear. Equal respect for fathers is on the horizon. Happy Father’s Day!

The National Parents Organization is a Shared Parenting Organization

The National Parents Organization is a non-profit organization that is educating the public, families, educators, and legislators about the importance of shared parenting and how it can reduce conflict in children, parents and extended families. If you would like to get involved in our organization, you can do so several ways. First, we would love to have you as an official member of the National Parents Organization team. Second, the National Parents Organization is an organization that believes in the importance of using social media as a means to spread the word about shared parenting and other topics, and you can visit us on our Facebook Page to learn more about our efforts. Last, we hope you will share this article with other families using the many social networking sites so that we can bring about greater awareness of shared parenting. Thank you for your support.

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