Fox Campaign Gains Momentum

The campaign against Fox”s proposed new reality television show “Bad Dads’ continues to gather momentum.

If you have not already protested the planned show, please do so now by clicking here.

If you need to know more first, click here.

By now, Fox has received over 5,000 calls, faxes and emails protesting the planned show.

In addition, we have learned that the mainstream child support collection world opposes the tactics used by the private collection companies. The mainstreamers will likely oppose any show that would glorify these companies. Read more.

Our campaign has been covered in US News and World Report. This on-line story deserves your comment. One suggested complaint: ditch the demeaning phrase “deadbeat dad.’ After all, noncustodial moms have a worse record; and “deadbeats’ are people who have the ability to pay but deliberately choose to walk away from their obligations, whereas all the studies of fathers who do not pay show that most are due to inability to pay.

Now, Kathleen Parker has written a great column mentioning Fathers & Families and supporting this campaign. Kathleen”s column will be coming out in over 300 newspapers over the course of this week, including the Washington Post and USA Today. Read more here.

Give us your comments below. And again, if you have not already done so, register your protest here.

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