Fathers & Families News Digest, 6/26/08

Below are some recent articles and items of interest from Fathers & Families’ latest News Digest.

Sweep in Burton nets deadbeat parents, cash for child support payments (The Flint Journal, 6/19/08)

Fathers’ rights campaigner remanded after bridge stunt (Northern Echo, 6/19/08)

Employment slump, economy cause raise in delinquent child support (Baker County Press, 6/19/08)

Ottawa man says divorced dads duped over deduction (, 6/19/08)

Tricked ‘fathers’ may get bill’s help (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/20/08)

Child support OK’d after father’s death (Boston Globe, 6/20/08)

Support group helps individuals recover from divorce (Fort Bend Sun, 6/20/08)

State’s divorce laws hurt (Boston Globe, 6/22/08)

New measures target parents dodging child support payments (Melbourne Herald-Sun,6/23/08)

Strong measures to revamp CPS operations heading now to Napolitano, awaits signing (Daily Dispatch, 6/23/08)

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