Fathers 4 Justice Canada Conducts Protest, Civil Disobedience Campaign

Fathers 4 Justice Canada is sending this Equal Parenting Christmas Card (pictured) to all members of the Canadian Parliament, as well as all Senators and Provincial Premiers. F4J Canada has done a series of highly-publicized stunts and acts of civil disobedience as part of their campaign to protect children’s right to have a relationship with both parents after divorce.

Earlier this month two F4J superheroes–Spiderman and The Hulk–climbed high onto the structure surrounding the Sapperton Skytrain Station in New Westminster, British Columbia. The rush-hour protest was seen by over a million people, as the protesters braved high winds and heavy rains for five hours before giving themselves up to authorities. According to F4J Canada:

“These superheroes are taking action to highlight the plight of children who have been denied their right to the full benefit of both of their parents.”

Some of you may recall F4J Canada’s 2005 “Month of Mayhem.” In a series of spectacular acts of civil disobedience, F4J protesters shut down Montreal Bridge, scaled Mount Royal cross (pictured), took over several other bridges, and forced evacuations of courtrooms. The campaign garnered a great deal of media attention, most of it surprisingly favorable.

F4J Canada works in the tradition of the UK Fathers 4 Justice, led by Matt O’Connor. F4J’s stunts have received worldwide publicity, including the Buckingham Palace protest and David Chick’s heroic six day, one-man protest over Tower Bridge in London. Chick’s protest created 10 mile traffic jams and cost businesses an estimated £50 million. Facing a prison sentence, Chick was acquitted by an English jury, some of whom were reportedly moved to tears by his testimony.

F4J Canada can be reached at or via their website here. Leaders of the group include:

1) Hal Legere, who scaled the huge, heavily-trafficked Pattullo bridge in Surrey BC, leading authorities to close the bridge for five hours and garnering national publicity.

2) Kris Titus (aka “Wonder Woman”) who helped crash the Ontario Law Society’s Christmas Wine & Dine in 2005 by scaling the building in protest.

3) Rob Robinson (aka “Burnaby Batman”), who launched F4J’s inaugural action by perilously perching on a 200-foot tower crane in downtown Burnaby, British Columbia for 18 hours in protest.

According to Titus (pictured below on a balcony during the Ontario Law Society protest), the group is making significant inroads in Canada’s parliament, and has ambitious plans for 2008.

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