Father Holds His Daughter’s Hand on Bus, Boston Transit Police Investigate

Boston, MA–Another example of the hazards of Parenting While Male. According to Suspicious incident on-board MBTA bus resolved (5/6/08) from WBZ News in Boston:

“Transit police have identified the man seen with a young girl on-board a bus at Sullivan Station Sunday night.

“Officers have met with both the young girl, and the family member who was with her on the bus.

“A passenger noticed a man holding the child’s hand. That passenger says she overheard the girl say she was hungry, and the man told her to ‘Please be quiet.’

“The police say there was no criminal conduct. They consider the case closed.”

So the man (pictured, with the girl) was a “family member,” probably the father but maybe a different relative. He held his daughter’s hand on the bus and told her to be quiet when she was complaining about being hungry. For this, he’s investigated.

The case reminds me of the Victor Emmer case–see my blog post ‘The police can’t even stick a loitering charge on this guy, and they’ve gone and ruined his life’.

It also reminds me of the Virginia Billboard controversy–see my blog post Rush Limbaugh Covers Our Protest of Man-Bashing Virginia Health Department Billboards.

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