F & F Supporter on FOX—Iraq Veteran’s Income Drops 60% but Court Won’t Lower His Child Support Obligation

Fathers & Families supporter Chris Roode

Several weeks ago Fathers & Families put out a “Media Opportunity” alert looking for fathers whose income has declined in the recession but who have been unable to get downward modifications on their child support.

One of the Fathers & Families supporters who responded, Jim Feeney, was featured by NPR in this report. Another was on the front page of the Boston Globe in this article.

A third, Christopher Roode, was featured by FOX News 10 in Phoenix, AZ in their report Child Support Woes Amidst Bad Economy (5/4/09). To watch the video, click here.

Roode is a retired police sergeant and retired Air National Guardsman. In a letter he explains:

I have and own nothing. I have no car and walk to work at the Phoenix VA Hospital. My take home pay is $91 bi-weekly after my child support garnishment.

Roode’s income dropped from $72,000 a year to $30,000 a year but the court refuses to lower his child support obligation. He says the courts “look at fathers [only] as ATM machines…there’s no sympathy.” Roode’s ex-wife divorced him while he was serving in Iraq.

Kudos to Fox reporter Keith Yaskin for a good job on the story, and thanks to David Hamu of Arizona Fathers for his work.

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