F & F of Ohio Meets with Senator Bacon on Our Legislative Proposals

F & F of Ohio members Terry Kee, Paul Lee, Matt Johnson, Tom Allen, Senator Kevin Bacon, and Donald Hubin, Ph.D., Chair of Ohio F & F's Executive Committee

Fathers and Families of Ohio members Terry Kee, Paul Lee, Matt Johnson, Tom Allen, and Donald Hubin, Ph.D. met with Ohio state Senator Kevin Bacon last week concerning several of F & F’s legislative projects. These include:

1.    Presumption of Shared Parenting during Temporary Orders
2.    Parenting Time Enforcement
3.    Disabled Parents Protection Bill
4.    Presumptive Child Support in Shared Parenting Cases
5.    Child Support Self-Support Reserve Correction

Hubin explained:

Senator Bacon initiated questioning about the presumption of child support in shared parenting situations first, but we discussed all of the issues mentioned [above]…He was attentive and engaged in the conversation and promised to review the materials we gave him.  He was helpful in directing us to other legislators who might have a special interest in or be particularly important with respect to some of the legislative initiatives we presented.  We will pursue meetings with these other legislators.

For more details on these legislative projects, please see Hubin’s letter to Senator Bacon here.

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