F & F Member Tells Boston Herald—‘The Brutal Practice of Awarding Custody of Minor Children to 1 Parent Must End’

Massachusetts family law attorney Gerald L. Nissenbaum–a $700 an hour anti-father family law attorney–recently told the Boston Herald that Massachusetts law “on equitable division of property and alimony law is darn good.” This in a state with a notoriously abusive alimony system, one of the highest child support guidelines in the country, and a child custody system that needlessly separates children from the fathers they love and need.

In Unfairness Sustained (Boston Herald, 10/18/10), longtime Fathers and Families supporter Richard Recos wrote:

Gerald Nissenbaum”s “Divorce 411′ should be titled “Divorce 911′ (“Mass. divorce law not perfect, but fair,’ Oct. 10). To describe Massachusetts divorce law as “fair’ is ludicrous and reflects the fact that he personally profits from the status quo.

The brutal practice of awarding custody of minor children to one parent must end immediately. Realistic and reasonable child support rates must be adopted and modest alimony reform – such as the legislative proposal to cap payments at half the length of the marriage – should be fast-tracked. Fundamental fairness and human decency demand nothing less.

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