F & F Helps Pass Bill to Codify Collaborative Law into CA Family Law Codes

Fathers and Families opposes the adversarial nature of the current family law system, and supports collaborative law as a way to reduce conflict. Fathers and Families’ legislative representative Michael Robinson worked with then-California Assemblyman Mervyn M. Dymally to help pass AB 402 in 2006. AB 402 codified collaborative law practice into our family law codes.

Among other provisions, AB 402 mandated a written statement of decision in all hearings or trials involving child custody. While this provision was already part of the Codes of Civil Procedure, it was not always being followed, causing many problems for litigants.

During the Work Group that AB 402 established, Donna Hitchens, Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Family Court, commented:

You have no idea how many children’s college educations I have seen unnecessarily wasted in my court room. This must be stopped.

Fathers and Families also helped pass AB 189 and AB 3051 into law and will continue to promote collaborative law and conflict reduction in family court.

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