Executive Director Ginger Gentile with Omar Epps and Julio Jones in Miami February 1

Dr Torri J Omar Epps Julio Jones Ginger Gentile Miami Event

NPO is honored to be a sponsor of FATHERLESS to FATHERHOODhosted by The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc. & Dr. Torri partnership with All Pro Dad.This live event will be on February 1 in Miami at the Superbowl LIV Miami Experience. Our Executive Director Ginger Gentile will be on a panel with actor Omar Epps, pro football player Julio Jones, advocate Mark Merrill, and Dr. Torri J discussing the impact of children growing up in fatherless home and solutions. Some topics will be: 

-Struggling with how to be a father because you did not have one?
-Challenged by how to maintain proper relationships because you did not see one demonstrated in your household growing up?
-Covering up childhood wounds with success? 
-Struggling on how to raise your children in the absence of their father?

And here are the bios for the panelists:

Actor Omar Epps (Juice, Higher Learning, The Wood, In Too Deep and Love and Basketball) is also the author of FROM FATHERLESS TO FATHERHOOD. This riveting memoir and parenting guidebook chronicles his personal journey of breaking the cycle of fatherlessness, learning to forgive, and how to parent effectively.

Julio Jones is Wide Receiver for the Atlanta Falcons and advocate for increased father involvement.

Mark Merrill is the founder and president of Family First, Inc., a national non-profit organization that provides programs and online resources dedicated to helping people love their families well. He is host of the Family Minute with Mark Merrill, a nationally syndicated radio program reaching over 5 million listeners daily and is the author of All Pro Dad – Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids.

Dr. Torri J is the founder of The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc., which works to reunite fathers with their children. Author and motivational speaker, she is dedicated to family court reform including Default Shared Parenting.

Our Executive Director Ginger Gentile is also the the Director of the documentary Erasing Family,, that exposes the trauma of the over 22 million American children who have a parent erased from their lives after divorce and separation.

Join Dr. Torri, Omar Epps, Julio Jones, Ginger Gentile and Mark Merrill at the Regal South Beach Cinema on February 1, 2020, from 11am-2pm. Go to more details and to get your tickets!

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