DV & Police Officers–Another Myth?

This recent article from ABC in Milwaukee repeats a fairly common claim made by the domestic violence establishment–“Domestic violence situations are, by far, the number one reason that police officers are wounded on duty.’

Yet Richard L. Davis (pictured), MS and MA, of, recently pointed out that, according to the FBI data here and here, “Of the 10 categories of police activity examined, domestic disturbance ranked fourth in the ratio of assaults to calls for service and fifth in the ratio of injuries to calls for service.”

Many domestic violence service providers do good work in helping battered women and their children. However, the DV establishment as a whole has a bad habit of exaggerating the threat men pose to their female intimate partners, and of trying to shoehorn all domestic violence into the feminist Duluth model of men-as-perps and women-as-victims.

Thanks to RADAR’s Ed Bartlett for the tip on this apparently false statistic.

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