DV Conference Report #1: Founder of Battered Women’s Movement Speaks

Sacramento, CA–Background: The historic, one-of-a-kind conference “From Ideology to Inclusion: Evidence-Based Policy and Intervention in Domestic Violence” was held in Sacramento, California February 15-16 and was a major success. The conference was sponsored by the California Alliance for Families and Children and featured leading domestic violence authorities from around the world.

Many of these researchers are part of the National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center, which is challenging the domestic violence establishment’s stranglehold on the issue. The NFVLRC promotes gender-natural, research-based DV policies.

In coming days and weeks, I will be detailing the conference and some of the research that was presented there in this blog–to learn more, click here.

Erin Pizzey, who opened the first battered women’s shelter in the world for women in Chiswick, England in 1971, was a featured speaker at the conference. From the beginning of her work Pizzey has maintained that female domestic violence is also a problem, and that many abusive relationships consist of mutual or female-initiated violence, as opposed to the DV establishment’s man-as-perp/woman-as-victim model.

Pizzey gave an interview on KFBK AM 1530 in Sacramento before the conference–the interview can be heard by clicking here. The interview is also available on the California Alliance for Families and Children website here.

In the picture above, Erin is the blond-haired woman in the middle facing the camera. The protesters are angry that the UK government was threatening to shut down one of the dozens of women’s shelters/refuges that Erin set up. The government had a legal dispute with Pizzey. Some of the protesters’ placards read:

“I am a battered wife and Chiswick is the only home I have for my two children and I, so help us to help others.”

“This refuge is our only home in Chiswick so help us to keep it.”

“Erin gave us our home and freedom and now can’t the government give her hers.”

“Who is going to help us? Support Erin Pizzey”

At the conference Erin received a well-deserved lifetime achievement award from the National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center.

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