Dr. Warren Farrell Speaks about New University of Chicago Men’s Group

Author Dr. Warren Farrell (pictured), the long-time ideological wellspring of the men’s movement, appeared on Good Morning America on Saturday concerning a University of Chicago men’s group.

The university has nine female advocacy organizations, and this is the first one for men. One of the founders of the group pointed to the astronomical difference is suicide rates between men and women in their early 20s and the boy crisis in education as their raison d’etre.

Farrell said the women’s movement expanded choices for women but men are still largely judged on their ability to perform the male provider role and are not respected as caregivers of children.

To watch the five minute segment, click here.

This article discusses the club–note how the woman quoted who is a member of the campus group Feminist Majority throws in a completely irrelevant reference to white males as a way to detract from the men’s group’s legitimacy.

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