Dr. Linda Nielsen: Shared Parenting: Facts and Fictions

Los Angeles, CA–“[Shared Parenting] is an issue which knows no bounds. It is neither the domain of conservatives or liberals, poor or wealthy, and pays no attention to ethnicity or sex. Our issues cross all demographics and our goals are shared, and should be supported, across all sectors of our society.”–Mike McCormick, Executive Director of the American Coalition for Fathers & Children

ACFC President Dr. Linda Nielsen, author of the book Embracing Your Father, recently penned a pamphlet called Shared Parenting: Facts and Fictions. Some of the “Facts and Fictions” Nielsen lists include:

“Fiction: Most children are satisfied with the amount of time they spend (or spent) with their fathers after their parents divorce.

“Fact: The vast majority of children say they want – or wanted – more time with their fathers after their parents stopped living together. Kids want more shared parenting.

“Fiction: As long as the mother has enough money, children don’t pay a price for having too little or no contact with their father.

“Fact: Kids with too little fathering are more likely to have problems throughout their lives related to father absence than kids whose fathers remained actively involved after the parents stop living together.

“Fiction: Shared parenting is bad for infants or young children because they should not be separated overnight from their mother.

“Fact: Very young children should not be away from either parent for more than a few days and are able to spend nights in each parent”s home.

“Fiction: When parents share parenting, children are worse off financially because their dad pays much less child support.

“Fact: Fathers who share parenting are the most likely to pay child support, spend additional money on their kids, and contribute to college educations.”

To read the full pamphlet, including Nielsen’s list of research citations, click here.

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