Divorce Cakes

Los Angeles, CA–Sharon, a reader, writes:

Dear Glenn,

I received the attached email with the “divorce cakes” pictures from a friend who was previously divorced.

Being married to my husband for over 25 years, I understand that those who have gone through divorce often have “issues” with their former spouses. However, although the email came to me, with “Too Freakin’ Funny” as a notation, I wasn’t laughing. Actually, I was appalled because the majority of the “cakes” feature women who have seriously injured their former spouses.”

I would also note that in each case where one spouse has “seriously injured their former spouse,” the perpetrator is the wife and the victim is the husband.

Were the genders reversed, of course, it wouldn’t be humorous–it would be “sexist” and reflective of “our society’s encouragement of violence against women.”

The cakes also reflect a common theme in our society–when there’s a divorce, it’s his fault and she is justified in being outraged and wanting her revenge.

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