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December 25, 2015. LawFuel, “Consider Shared Custody Following Divorce,” Quotes National Parents Organization

Noncustodial parents may soon be able to spend more time with their children in light of recent consideration, on the part of almost two dozen states, of a reform of child custody law that would involve shared custody of children following divorce or separation.

A press release from the National Parents Organization (NPO), which supports shared parenting in divorce, said that the states that are contemplating a reform of parental laws may give children what they really want and need, which is an equal amount of time with each parent in cases of divorce or separation.

The NPO wishes people to think about the gender inequality that is present in the family courts, and to press for change so that fathers can have equal time with their children. According to the Wall Street Journal, the majority of the suggestions for reform are recommending that judges carry out schedules that give both parents the greatest amount of time with their children. Some proposals, such as those in New York and Washington state, would mandate equal time for each parent except in cases where there is evidence to suggest that such a custody agreement would not be in the best interests of the child.

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