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December 23, 2016, The Daily Independent, Ashland, Kentucky, “Let’s give Kentucky children the gift of shared parenting,” by Matt Hale (National Parents Organization of Kentucky)

Many of Kentucky’s children are asking us for a Christmas present. They want the gift of seeing both their parents this Christmas. Santa can’t bring this gift, but you and I can.

Children in married families enjoy both their parents. Children in divorced families enjoy whichever parent the court picked. These children may be allowed a short “visit” with their other parent. That is if the chosen parent allows it.

This outdated arrangement is called “sole custody,” where one parents owns (has custody of) the children. Meanwhile, the other parent can see his/her children only at limited times.

However, the better arrangement is called “shared parenting.” In shared parenting, children get to see both parents equally. Instead of a single parent winning, the children do. They win the right to have a constant relationship with both parents.

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