Custodial Mother Has Her Say about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott & Child Support

Background: I’ve criticized Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (pictured) on numerous occasions, including my co-authored column When Beating up on ‘Deadbeat Dads’ is Unfair (Houston Chronicle, 1/7/07). Abbott often beats his chest during his frequent crackdowns on low-income fathers he labels “deadbeat dads.”

I get as many complaints about Abbott and the Texas Attorney General’s Office as I do about Child Support Enforcement in all other 49 states combined. To learn more about Abbott and his abuses, click here.

Apparently some custodial mothers aren’t very happy with Greg Abbott, either. The letter below from Mary is an example:

Dr. Mr. Sacks,

I found your website and was very interested in the materials posted about the Texas Attorney General’s Office. I am the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent filed for divorce 12 years ago. I am now owed approximately $27,000. On January 2, 2008, I am heading back to court (this will be the 5th time) regarding: lack of health care coverage on his part, as well as only occasionally sending in his monetary obligation (he has never showed up to any court dates).

The OAG has lost my request so many times I can”t even begin to tell you. I have heard every excuse in the book, including to go ahead and apply for welfare benefits, because they could never serve him. I paid to have him located for them and even found the job that his father found for him…

I am continuously being pushed off and cannot afford legal counsel of my own. Texas OAG is a joke……they post people on their website owing 1/3 of what I am owed…

I just want you to know that I feel bad for the dads that pay and get nothing but heartache, but as a mom, my daughter is finishing her senior year in high school and we are struggling to just get her in college. It is not fair….and Texas OAG keeps it that way…


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