Correction! MN Bill to Presume Equal Parenting

I’ve never been so glad to print a correction of a previous piece.

My last post said that the Minnesota Center for Parental Responsibility had introduced a bill that would establish a presumption of joint parenting post-divorce.  I said basically that that was fine in a state in which 70% of custody cases were resolved by giving sole custody to the mother.  But, I added, what’s needed is equally shared parenting.

Well, my post was based on the bill that’s on CPR’s website.  That bill says clearly that the presumption does not require equal parenting time.

The good news is that I’ve now had email correspondence with Molly Olson who heads CPR and she informs me that the bill on the website is old and out of date.  The actual bill hasn’t yet been introduced in the state legislature, but should be next week.  But far more importantly, she says:

When our bill is introduced it will have a  presumption of equal time, and that time will be specified. We believe both  the label and the time are important factors.

To which I can only add Halleluiah!  And of course best of luck to Molly Olson and CPR.

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