Controversy Over Klondike Commercials-Anti-Male or Not?

Los Angeles, CA–Sonia, a reader, writes:

“Have you seen the newest Klondike Bar commercial, where the guy deserves a Klondike Bar for not looking at a pretty woman walking by? I was watching it with my husband and found it offensive.”

There are actually two Klondike commercials at the link she sent me. One of them–clip 2 “A Glass Act” is anti-male, playing on the “azy husband” myth. However, that’s not the one Sonia is referring to.

Clip 1 “Sidewalk Talk”, the one Sonia refers to…well, it seems OK to me. But even feminist Jessica Valenti of thought the commercial was insulting to men, and that’s certainly not something she says very often. What do readers think?

You can watch the two clips by clicking here.

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