Commend Tropicana for Father/Family Friendly Images in New ‘Squeeze’ Ad Campaign

We’ve done many protest campaigns against anti-father ads–to learn more, click here, here and here–but we also take time to praise father/family-friendly ads.

Tropicana’s recently-released ad collection “Squeeze” has several nice father-child scenes, including the ones above and to the right. Please commend Tropicana for the “Squeeze” ads by contacting:

Jamie Stein
Director, Public Relations, Tropicana
(312) 821-2017

Also, let The Arnell Group (the ads’ creators) know you liked the ads by calling Arnell Chief Marketing Officer Tara Grote at (212) 219 8400 or writing her at HTML

If you’ve written an email to Stein, I encourage you to also post it on our site here.

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