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California newspapers run Curtis Vandermolen’s Equal Pay Day op-ed

April 25, 2015

On April 16, 2015, suburban Los Angeles community newspaper group EGP News published an op-ed by Curtis Vandermolen of National Parents Organization titled “Parental Equality Post-Divorce Offers Solution to Gender Pay Inequality.”

His piece stated, “There’s been buzz this week around Equal Pay Day, although there’s an important piece missing from the conversation: In order to close the gender pay gap, we must enable single parents to more easily secure gainful employment, and to get there, we have to start by encouraging family courts to equally award parents custody of their children.

April 14 is proclaimed as Equal Pay Day, the day that advocates claim women catch up to men’s wages. The statistics show that women earn only 77 cents for each dollar earned by a man. In order to make up for that inequality, a woman would have to work until April 14 and then the entire year again in order to earn the same amount as men.”

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