Balancing the Scales in Domestic Combat

Akron, OH–I’ve often made the point that when a man and a woman live together, the woman can harm a larger, stronger man in a multitude of ways by employing weapons and the element of surprise. Here’s another example. According to Akron woman sought on assault charge (, 10/15/08):

Akron police have issued an arrest warrant for a 29-year-old woman accused of throwing boiling water on her baby’s father. Police said Rebecca P. Gilmore, of Chittenden Street, got into a verbal argument with the man at his residence in the 700 block of Yale Street around 8 p.m. Tuesday. The man claimed she then punched him, scratched his neck and tossed
a mug of boiling water on him. The man, who was not identified by police, was treated at Akron Children’s Hospital for burns to his face and chest. The warrant is for domestic violence and felonious assault.

Nice that the article actually mentions the term “domestic violence.”

Thanks to Lisa, a reader, for sending the story.

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