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April 25, 2016. Bloomberg, “Shared Parenting Laws Could Eliminate National Parental Alienation Awareness Day,” Features National Parents Organization

Amid attention surrounding National Parental Alienation Awareness Day on Monday, April 25, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s  honorable decision to recognize the day,  National Parents Organization encourages lawmakers nationwide to join the movement to turn shared parenting from the exception to the norm when parents divorce or separate.

“Far too often, the courts order sole custody to one parent after a bitter, winner-take-all custody battle. Because the non-custodial parent often has so little time with the child, the winning parent is empowered to poison the child’s mind against the ‘absent’ parent. This creates heartbreak for child and parent,” Dr. Ned Holstein, MD, Founder and Board Chair of National Parents Organization, said. “With shared parenting, it is difficult for anyone to turn the child against a parent with whom the child experiences frequent loving care. Shared parenting decreases these tragic cases of parental alienation. I urge legislators in all states to back shared parenting.”

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