Action Alert–Pro-Father Advice Columnist Needs Our Help

Short Version: Just click here. Yes, that’s all. Longer Version: Nationally-syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon has often gone to bat for fathers in her columns, and has supported many of our protest campaigns, including our Campaign Protesting Father-Bashing Domestic Violence Ads and our Campaign Protesting the Fox Reality Show Bad Dads. In her advice column she often defends men and fathers. Amy explains:

In a world where domestic violence against men is laughed off — while Mary Winkler blows her husband away and gets away with it…where there’s rampant paternity fraud…where men are bled dry in court proceedings that take away access to their children…where women feel free to become “single mothers by choice” when piles of data show that children need daddies to have a good shot in life…and on and on…I use science and reason — presented with humor — to put out a column that is fair to men. In fact, because I’m so outraged by the rampant discrimination I see against men, it’s one of my main missions.

On many occasions Amy has gotten in trouble with newspapers or had her column dropped because she told truths that the “woman good/man bad” mainstream media doesn’t want to hear. Any effective political and social movement takes care of its friends. Amy doesn’t always see things the way we do, but she has been a friend to the fatherhood movement–I urge all of you to support her. Amy Alkon’s column will disappear from the Orange County Register, one of America’s Top 25 newspapers, unless readers take action. We want you to do three things:

1) Click on Amy’s latest column here. 2) Write to the Orange County Register and tell them you enjoy Amy’s column–to do so, click on 3) Check out Amy’s column every week by clicking here.

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