A No-Cost to You Way to Give Additional Support to NPO

amazon smile

These are uncertain economic times for many families. Once thriving businesses are struggling and sometimes failing. Workers are facing cutbacks in their hours, furloughs, and layoffs. It’s a time when many families can’t responsibly consider increasing their contributions to non-profit organizations like National Parents Organization no matter how much these families support the mission of that organization.

It’s also a time, though, when many families are doing more online purchasing than ever, often from the 300-pound gorilla of online shopping, Amazon,com. And that means that there’s a no-cost way for people to support the mission of NPO.

Through its Smile program, Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases (which are likely to be almost all of them) to the non-profit organization of your choice. And this doesn’t cost you a penny.

If you think that .5% doesn’t sound like much, you’re not thinking about how much we all purchase through This year to date, Amazon has donated more than $183 million to various charities through the Smile program.

It’s easy to set up National Parents Organization as your non-profit of choice for the Amazon’s Smile program. From any page, pull down the ‘Accounts & Lists’ menu and select ‘Your AmazonSmile’ from the right hand list. The resulting page will give you the option of selecting (or changing) your desired charity. That page will give you a search box to “pick your own charitable organization.” Just search for ‘National Parents Organization’ and select it.

Tough economic times are tough for non-profit organizations, too. And the Amazon Smile program offers an additional way that you can support NPO in its efforts to make equal shared parenting the norm across the country–at no cost to you. That should make us all smile.

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