A Message from F & F Ohio Chairman Don Hubin Concerning Ohio Child Support Legislation

There seems to be confusion in the minds of some concerning the position of Fathers and Families of Ohio on child support bill (SB 292), which was introduced by Senators Smith and Seitz last session.  It has been alleged that Fathers and Families supported the bill, when we in fact opposed it.
We explained our opposition in several radio interviews, one TV interview, an op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch, and via being quoted in several newspaper stories. We also did an Action Alert which generated hundreds of letters to Senators Smith and Seitz in opposition to the bill. To learn more, see our SB 292 campaign page here. After our campaign against SB 292, Senator Shirley Smith, the bill”s sponsor,  contacted us to arrange a meeting to discuss the basis of our opposition.  Paul Lee, Alyssa Trimble, and I met with Senator Smith and her aides on March 9, and Judge David Lewandowski of the Ohio Judicial Conference joined us by phone. During this productive meeting we made it clear why we opposed SB 292.  However, we also acknowledged, as we have done  consistently and publicly, that there are elements of SB 292 that would improve Ohio child support law.  Our SB 292 campaign page here explains the reasons we oppose SB 292 but also details the four desirable changes that were included in SB 292. To learn more about our discussion with Senator Smith, click here. Fathers and Families will continue to work constructively with Ohio legislators to create a child support bill that will be fair, protect children, and promote the active involvement of both parents in their children’s lives Together with you in the love of our children, Donald C. Hubin, Ph.D., Chairman, Fathers and Families of Ohio

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