A Classic Parental Alienation Case, with the Genders Reversed

Toronto, Canada–This case seems to be a classic Parental Alienation case, with the genders reversed. All the hallmark features–the child’s unreasonable hatred of the targeted parent, the alienating parent’s social world completely revolving around the child, etc. The Canadian courts seem to be taking a tough stand against the alienating father here, and I applaud them. Judge rules father brainwashed son into hating his mother By Kirk Makin Toronto Globe & Mail, 5/15/08 TORONTO — A 13-year-old Ontario boy whose domineering father systematically brainwashed him into hating his mother can be flown against his will to a U.S.
facility that deprograms children who suffer from parental alienation, an Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled. Mr. Justice James Turnbull ordered the boy – identified only as LS – into the custody of his mother. He said that the boy urgently needs professional intervention to reverse the father’s attempt to poison his mind toward his mother and, in all probability, to women in general. “There will probably be future significant problems experienced by LS if the court does not intervene – including significant personal guilt for his part in the rejection of his mother, anger towards women, and dysfunctional relationships with women,’ Judge Turnbull said. The judge flatly refused to take the boy’s opinion on the therapy into account, saying that LS cannot exercise “free discretion in expressing his views’ because of the influence his father has had on him. Judge Turnbull observed that the father, 54, has repeatedly breached court orders granting the mother limited access to her son. He said that the boy has come to perceive himself and his father as “intertwined and unable to distinguish one’s thoughts from the other.’ As part of his campaign of absolute control over LS, the father dictated toxic e-mails for the boy to send to his mother. He also removed photographs of the mother from her son’s bedroom. Read the full article here.

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