‘A Christmas Carol’s’ Bob Cratchit-A Kind, Loving Father & Husband (Video)

[youtube:] 'A Christmas Carol's' Bob Cratchit-A Kind, Loving Father & Husband (Video)Los Angeles, CA–One of our family traditions is that every Christmas Eve we watch George C. Scott’s A Christmas Carol.  The movie was  filmed in an historic English town, and Scott’s acting is superb. One of the nice things about A Christmas Carol is the special bond between tiny Tim Cratchit and his father Bob who, believe it or not, is a kind, loving father and husband. Every day crippled little Tim hobbles on his crutch over to the office where Scrooge and Bob work to wait for his father to get off of work. 
His father then carries him home on his shoulder. In one scene, Tim asks his father to go take him to where the other kids are playing in the snow with a visit, and Bob encourages him, telling him that one day he’ll be able to be there playing with the kids also. In the film clip above, Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Future are visiting the Cratchit household.  Cratchit is late getting home from work on Christmas Eve, because he has stopped by to visit Little Tim’s grave.  The heart-wrenching scene is the final, crucial piece of Ebenezer Scrooge’s reclamation. Note also the bond between Bob and his loving, loyal wife Gladys. The scene begins at 3:40 in. As an aside, the scene where Marley’s ghost visits Scrooge is very well done, too–you can watch it here.

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