Your Vote Needed: Obama or McCain?

Boston, MA–Okay, I admit it: This has nothing to do with Obama or McCain.Before you click away in disgust: Why are you more impassioned about Obama and McCain, either of whose impact on your everyday, real life will be very small, than you are about the family courts?

Now I have my political passions, just like you. But the family courts have a massive effect on your life. The small changes that Obama or McCain may or may not make in tax policy, the economy, or the war will be miniscule by comparison.

So why is it easier to get your attention with Obama and McCain than with our REAL issues?

Here is where we actually DO need your vote:

We alerted you yesterday that we need your vote on a Parade Magazine online poll asking whether fathers should get equal parenting time. Only 21 percent of you opened the email. Only 15 of you forwarded the message to a friend (but to your credit, you forwarded it to 76 people).

If you did not vote on the Parade Magazine on-line poll, please do so right now by clicking here. When we intervened, the vote was about 52 percent to 48 percent in favor, a dangerously small margin. We pushed it to a peak of 68 percent to 32 percent, but it has now slipped back to 65 percent to 35 percent.

We want at least a two to one margin (67 percent to 33 percent). So please vote now to support something that is nearer and dearer to your heart than Obama or McCain can possibly be if elected President.

Tell me what you think below–but I am much more interested in what you plan to do to support this movement than why I am allegedly wrong about the miracles that McCain or Obama will supposedly perform for you.


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