Woman Scalds Sleeping Man, but Don’t Call It ‘Domestic Violence’…

From “Boiling Mad’ Wife Scalds Husband”s Groin With Hot Water (The Weekly Vice, 10/9/08):

Bradenton, FL–Maverna Theresa Turay, a 52-year-old Bradenton, Florida woman has been arrested and charged after she allegedly poured scalding hot water on her husband’s groin.

Manatee County authorities arrested Turay on Wednesday for aggravated battery with great bodily harm in connection with the incident.

Investigators say Turay boiled hot water and used it to burn her husband groin while he slept. The man reportedly awoke and ran out of the house screaming, while Maverna’s 16-year-old daughter called 911.

Turay admitted to Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies that she inflicted the injuries around 1:30 a.m., according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

When questioned as to why she burned her husband’s groin, Turay allegedly told deputies that she had been drinking shortly before the incident. She said she attacked him because she believed he had been cheating on her and he hadn’t come home the night before, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim was flown to Tampa General Hospital and admitted to it’s burn unit. Doctors say the man is in stable condition but received 2nd-degree burns in the incident.

Turay was booked into the Manatee County Jail where she is currently being held on a $7,500 bond.

Tierney, the reader who sent me the story, notes:

Once again the woman attacks the man and no mention of domestic violence. Then to rub salt in the wounds the 1st comment gives a “You go girl”–“Good for her! I love her smile in the mugshot! Payback is a bitch! hahahahaa.”

Also note the pathetic bail–in some places men arrested for domestic violence are held on $50,000 bail for a simple “You call, we haul” arrest.

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