Woman Hits Husband with Car, Drives 1/2 Mile with Him Clinging to Roof, Injures Him-but Don’t Call It ‘Domestic Violence’

When there’s domestic violence and it’s committed by a woman, it’s not domestic violence. Here a woman allegedly hit her husband with her car, drove a 1/2 mile with him on the roof, fractured his leg, and drove off–and she says she’s the victim. She is being charged with some appropriate crimes–at least until her “I was afraid” shtick gets some traction and the prosecutors cave–but there’s no mention of “domestic violence.”

Woman Allegedly Drives With Hubby on Car
Associated Press, September 27, 2007

HASTINGS, Minn. – A Farmington woman accused of driving for half a mile with her husband on the hood of her car and her 9-year-old child in the front passenger seat now faces criminal charges.

The Dakota County Attorney’s office filed a felony criminal complaint this week charging Jill Ann Miller-Cooper, 34, with two counts of criminal vehicular operation resulting in substantial bodily harm and one count of child endangerment.

Miller-Cooper is accused of hitting her husband on Aug. 15 in the parking lot of the restaurant he owns. The complaint said the impact tossed Randall Cooper onto the car’s hood and Miller-Cooper drove off. The complaint said she eventually stopped and her husband fell off the car, then she drove away.

However, Miller-Cooper told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that her husband climbed on the car while it was parked.

“He was very threatening, and I wanted to leave,” she said. “I stopped two times. He put his leg down, and I slammed on the brakes. … It’s been an ugly situation.”

Cooper suffered a fractured knee.

Thanks to Mike Saucedo, a reader, for the story.

[Note: If you or someone you love is being abused, the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women provides crisis intervention and support services to victims of domestic violence and their families.]

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