Wife Tries to Frame Popular Teacher in Custody Dispute-Teacher Is Vindicated

Fullerton, CA–Domestic violence defense expert John McLaughlin of Borders, McLaughlin & Associates sent me the story below about teacher Gregory Abbott (pictured), whose wife apparently tried to frame him. She and/or her boyfriend planted a shotgun and some marijuana in his car while he was at school teaching, and made numerous fake police reports.

Abbott was arrested but, thankfully, the police figured out the ploy and, to their credit, publicly proclaimed the Abbott’s innocence

According to McLaughlin, “They are having a custody dispute and she has been trying to set him up for a while.”

Anybody wanna wager that she’ll end up getting custody? Wouldn’t surprise me…

The article is below. I like the way Abbott’s students supported him. He must be good with kids–perhaps the judge in the custody case will note that.

Set-up teacher: ‘It turned out better than I thought’
High school teacher Greg Abbott, whom police believe was framed with drugs and gun, says he’s grateful for those who believed in him.


FULLERTON – The teacher arrested and then cleared in what authorities now describe as an elaborate setup said this morning that his mood had swung from paranoia and fear to gratitude for the support he received.

“It”s hard to describe how I feel right now, going from the lowest low to the highest high within three days,” Greg Abbott said in a phone interview. “It turned out better than I thought it would. … It was the best-case scenario.”

Police arrested Abbott on Tuesday after finding an unloaded shotgun and marijuana in his Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton. Authorities now say Abbott was the victim of a plot to bring him down. He does not face any charges.

Police have named Abbott”s wife, Devon E. Abbott, and a male acquaintance as persons of interest.

The Abbotts filed for divorce in February 2007, but the case has not been finalized, according to Orange County Superior Court records. The couple has one child.
There were a flurry of 911 calls to several police agencies urging an investigation of the 31-year-old Placentia man, police said…

“When they arrested me, I was paranoid, worried, scared and trying to figure out what happened, and how it could be,” Abbott said. “I didn”t know what was going on until 4 p.m. (Thursday). I thought they were building a case against me.”

Abbott said he had received supportive e-mails from students and fellow teachers. He said he was grateful for those who believed in him and supported him.

“My friends, who are teachers, said they were hoping there had been a mistake,” he said. “You could tell in their tone that they had a lot of sympathy for what was happening to me.”

The case was the talk of Sunny Hills High, where Abbott was a well-liked teacher and former cross country coach. Some students described him as a teacher who knew how to relate to his students.

“I didn’t believe it,” said student Jocelyn Rodriguez, 16. “He’s a very good teacher and all the students like him. He’s just cool.”

Another student, who ran off to class before giving his name, said he empathized with what Abbott has endured for the past two days.

“I just really thought it was messed up that he was embarrassed like that around school and in the public,” he said. “I just didn’t think it was fair.”

Two calls to the Fullerton Police Department this week named Abbott as a criminal suspect. One identified him in a road rage incident and the other labeled him a drug trafficker…

No arrests have been made, but felony charges could be filed in connection with lying to the police and conspiring to plant evidence.

Read the full article here.

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