Who Served Mitt Romney With False Restraining Orders?

Livonia, Michigan–On Sunday, January 13, I hand-delivered approximately 300 falsely accused fathers” stories to Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. These described the often heartbreaking effects of false restraining orders on parents and on children. I delivered the statements to Romney at his campaign rally in Livonia, Michigan, near Detroit. Romney is competing in the Michigan Republican primary contest, which will be decided on January 15.

On January 6, activist Richard Smaglick had asked Romney about the false restraining order issue in New Hampshire. (Hear the question and Romney”s full response by clicking HERE.) Romney had replied that he did not recall a case in which the restraining order law had improperly interfered with the rights of parents, “but if you”re familiar with such, let us know.’

So we decided to let him know. Last Friday and Saturday, our members responded in droves to our request for their restraining order stories. We compiled over 100 from Romney”s home state, Massachusetts, and Glenn Sacks provided over 150 from elsewhere around the country, all of this in less than 24 hours.

I hopped a plane early Sunday and attended the noon rally in Michigan. There, I handed Romney the 300 statements. Richard and I also distributed a press release to major media, and discussed the restraining order issue with reporters and campaign staff. Press stories about the event may appear before long. Michigan activists such as James Semerad and Larry Holland also were busy on behalf of family court reform, buttonholing various politicians at the numerous political events leading up to Tuesday”s primary election.

The 300 statements came from a retired Massachusetts judge, several attorneys, fathers, mothers, grandparents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, doctors, engineers, teachers, veterans, and more.

Here”s something else Romney said in response to Smaglick”s question in New Hampshire: “I would like us to see a more aggressive and vigilant going-after of people who frivolously bring actions against one another when they know it”s falsely provided.’  Hmmmmm. . . .

These actions are a good step towards educating major politicians about a serious flaw in our laws that is damaging the lives of children and bringing down injustice onto many adults.

Thanks to all who answered the call for an email account of your personal experiences with restraining orders  — we”re just sorry that we cannot thank each one of you individually.

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