When Women Pay Child Support: Court Allows Anne Heche to Skip a Payment

Los Angeles, CA–“You’ve never heard complaints about paying child support until it’s a woman who has to pay it.”–Seattle Family Law Attorney Lisa Scott

“Courts almost never allow men to get downward modifications on their child support. I represented a guy who earned $33,000 a month and paid $12,000 in child support. His company went bust and his income crashed down to zero.

“We went in and asked for a downward modification–not an elimination of child support, but a downward modification. The judge said ‘no,’ and told him ‘tough luck–you’re capable of earning $30,000 a month, so go do it. I don’t care if you live under a highway underpass in the meantime, just pay your support as ordered.'”–Los Angeles family law attorney Adam Sacks

Anne Heche (pictured) is having a hard time paying her child support and it’s a good thing she’s a woman, so she gets preferential treatment. Apparently Heche has had some career troubles and bad luck and the court is allowing her to skip an upcoming payment. The court is probably correct–I don’t know the details–but were the genders reversed, I doubt the court would be so accomodating.

The full article is Anne Heche Doesn’t Have to Pay for July (EOnline, 5/14/08).

I’ve previously discussed Anne Heche’s divorce in A Fathers’ Rights Perspective on Anne Heche’s Divorce/Custody Settlement and A Crucial Point Missed in the Anne Heche/Coleman Laffoon Custody Battle. On the subject of women paying alimony, see From–‘Be a Man…Don’t Ask for Spousal Support.

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