What They’re Saying about Fathers & Families

Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker

“One cannot exaggerate the extent of anger, pain and frustration among [divorced fathers]…they’ve been mistreated by courts that award children like chattel to mothers and treat fathers as mere financial providers…What [Fathers & Families] wants isn’t wrong or mean-spirited but right and fair to children.’-–Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, Washington Post Writers Group

“[Fathers & Families’] Shared Parenting Bill is a worthy goal.”— Thomas M. Finneran, former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Media commentator Michelle Malkin

“[Fathers & Families] has been very effective in getting its message out and rectifying imbalances in media coverage and advertising.” —Michelle Malkin, syndicated columnist, author, TV/Radio commentator

“It would be hard to do a better job with promoting fatherhood and fathers” rights than [Fathers & Families]’—Mike Gallagher, nationally-syndicated radio talk show host

“I’m glad Fathers & Families is doing the work its doing.”—Nationally-syndicated radio talk show host Lars Larson

Nationally-syndicated radio host Mike Gallagher
Radio host Mike Gallagher

“Passionate fathers’ advocates, but fair ones, too.”—Radio host Mark Taylor

“I couldn’t agree more with Fathers & Families’ goal of shared parenting.”—Boston radio host Jay Severin

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