What a Surprise-Heather Mills Reneges on Promise to Charity

Los Angeles, CA–I’ve long reported on Heather Mills’ false accusations of abuse against former husband Paul McCartney and related divorce hysterics, and here’s another one.

Throughout the divorce Mills kept emphasizing “her charities” and her need to continue financing them.

Apparently she pledged to give most of the £24.3 million divorce settlement she extorted from McCartney to charity as a PR move. Now apparently she’s stiffing the charity.

From ‘Gold-digger’ Heather Mills breaks promise to hand over charity donation (9/9/08):

Heather Mills has failed to hand over a multi-million pound charity donation.

The former model vowed to give “a large majority” of her £24.3 million divorce payment from Sir Paul McCartney to the Adopt-A-Minefield organisation, of which she is a patron, but charity sources claim they haven’t received anything.

A source said: “They have waited in vain for their millions. She’s had plenty of time, but sadly it’s yet another untruth by the queen of lies.”

Mills made the donation pledge in 2006 during divorce proceedings from the former Beatles star.

She also added in an interview last year: “Around 80 per cent of my money goes to charity.”

Read the full article here. Read about Mills’ appalling behavior in her divorce here.

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