Welcome Ginger Gentile as NPO’s New Executive Director

Ginger Gentile Film DirectorNational Parents Organization welcomes Ginger Gentile our new Executive Director. This might sound like old news; as many of you know, Ginger has been part of the NPO team since last June. However, because of her other commitments, especially the rollout of her powerful and poignant documentary film, Erasing Family, Ginger was able to devote only part of her time to NPO and she served as our Deputy Executive Director. On December 1, Ginger became NPO’s Executive Director, devoting her full-time efforts to helping make equal shared parenting the norm when parents live apart. 

Ginger brings a broad range of talents, skills, and knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the problems that NPO is addressing. Her personal experience and her work as a film director and documentary maker, not only of Erasing Family but also of the earlier film Erasing Dad (Borrando a Papá), have given Ginger a deep and personal understanding of the trauma many children face when one of their parents is erased from their lives–trauma that often follows them far into adulthood.

In her brief time working with NPO so far, Ginger has helped establish new NPO affiliate chapters in Florida, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Alabama, Colorado and Texas. She created a series of webcasts to educate both advocates and the general public and she oversaw the rollout of the 2019 NPO Shared Parenting Report Card, including organizing a press conference at Rockefeller Center announcing it which was covered by US News & World Report, Fox News, and Yahoo!

Welcome aboard as our Executive Director, Ginger. We look forward to working with you to change laws, practices, and, perhaps most importantly, attitudes and expectations so that children won’t be deprived of a loving parent just because the parents are living apart.

Don Hubin

Chair, National Board, NPO

I can’t believe it is less than six months since I came on board the National Parents Organization! Working with Chair Don Hubin, the board and our wonderful affiliates has invigorated my commitment to making divorce and separation healthier for children. I have worked with advocates who drive across states to attend meetings and who give up time with their own families to ensure that all children have access to both parents. Together, we will work to ensure that laws are updated to follow what people desire and research shows is best: true shared parenting. 

Already, affiliates have given new life to my documentary, Erasing Family, by showing it to state legislators and family court professionals. Inspired by the film, we have been working to create new, modern messaging that puts the needs of children at the center, which was evidenced by our successful Shared Parenting Report Card release. 

I look forward to reaching out not only to members and supporters, but to different groups that are working on aligned issues. Most inspiring, three of our new affiliates are woman-led and we have been welcoming more social workers, lawyers and mediators into the NPO family. Together, we can raise a generation of children who will never be forced to choose, or have the choice made for them, which parent gets to be a parent and which gets to be at best a visitor or, worse, completely erased. 

Ginger Gentile

Executive Director, NPO

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