Wedding Called off After Man Refuses to Agree to Pay Billionaire’s Lawyer Daughter Alimony

New York, New York–“We’re middle-class people with middle-class values. We came to Palm Beach for what was supposed to be the best day in the lives of two human beings, and ended up with two full days of crass negotiations for a prenuptial agreement.

“It was like a business transaction. That attitude is foreign to us. There was such urgency on Fisher’s part, it bordered on desperation.”–Joe Bailer, the groom’s father

A man refused to go through with the wedding to his lawyer bride after the woman’s billionaire father “demanded he sign a last-minute amendment agreeing to pay the woman alimony, no matter how much she inherits from her dad.” Story below.

Billionaire’s daughter’s wedding called off at last minute as father objects to pre-nup
Daily Mail (UK)
January 15, 2008

The wedding of a billionaire’s daughter was called off at the last minute because of a change to the prenuptial agreement.

The bride and groom along with 300 guests were left in limbo as the society wedding of the season ground to a halt.

Three ballrooms had been reserved for the million-dollar celebrations at the exclusive Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

In the end, the two families ended up having separate parties in adjoining hotels to ‘celebrate’ the wedding that never happened.

Late in the evening, the bride, Alexandra Fisher, put in a brief, tearful appearance among her family, dressed in black.

Meanwhile, the groom, Josh Bailer, glumly nursed a drink with his best man and his 80 guests.

They had been dating for three years and engaged for 18 months.

Miss Fisher, 28, is the lawyer-daughter of American hotel tycoon Jeff Fisher.

Mr Bailer, 33, is a Wall Street trader, wealthy in his own right, but not in the same league as Mr Fisher who last year sold his Innkeepers hotel chain for nearly £1 billion.

Three days before the wedding, the couple happily signed a prenuptial contract in which it was agreed that if the marriage failed, both sides would walk away with no alimony payments.

But on the wedding day, Mr Bailer’s father, Joe, said Mr Fisher demanded that Josh sign a last-minute amendment agreeing to pay Alexandra alimony, no matter how much she inherits from her dad.

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