‘We finally made the decision that my husband’s girl stop coming…sad, but the only way to have peace’

Los Angeles, CA–The website has some interesting rants from people about their exes, and the one below is no exception.  In some ways it’s a classic first wife versus second wife story, with the first wife doing everything she can to make the second wife miserable.  On a larger level, it’s a parental alienation story, and a very sad one.  A daughter has a father who loves her, but she isn’t allowed to know it and may never know it. In His ex is driving me crazy!!, the second wife writes:

I have been married to my husband now for over 5 years and been with him over 7. He has a daughter with his ex wife and when I tell you that this woman is a psycho, trust me, she is a psycho. In the beginning, it was the normal 50 phone calls a day, phone calls that pertained nothing to the child. She has tried to have his business license taken from him. She has called the IRS on us. She has turned all of his family against him. She was using the child to get her way for a long time until we finally put a stop to that. One day, she called DSS on us and told them we were on drugs, we got drunk every weekend the child was with us, the child was being neglected and that the child was being sexually abused in our home. We took our drug test, which were of course negative, the other crap spoke for itself when the social workers came into our home. Well, after the first drug test, they kept coming back to do random drug tests because she kept calling in saying the same crap. We finally made the decision that the child just stop coming. It was sad, but it was the only way we would ever have any peace in our home. The child by the way was so brainwashed by her mother, that you couldn’t hardly deal with her anyways. It has been over 3 years since we have had any dealing with the mother or saw the child and to this day, his ex is still doing her same psycho stuff. She runs my name all over town, down-grades me like I am nothing, she puts my husband down to everyone that will listen and makes everyone think she is the best thing in the world and we are these horrible monsters. He pays his child support and I have kept every piece of paper in a folder so when she grows up I can put that folder in front of her and let her make her mind up on which parent was sane and which was crazy……What else can I do?

What a sad parental alienation case.  And I’m sure the daughter has been told that her father abandoned her and only cares about his “new” wife and not his daughter.  I wonder when, if ever, the daughter will discover or will be allowed to discover the truth.  I also wonder how many adult children still believed they were “abandoned” by their fathers when sometimes the fathers were in fact driven away by tactics like this.

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