Unbelievable-Sheriff Doesn’t Believe Man Is Quadriplegic, so She Dumps Him Out of His Wheelchair

Tampa, FL–In watching this video it’s hard to believe you’re seeing what you’re seeing. The video is here. The story from Tampa Bay 10 News is below. Notice how the man is caught completely by surprise.

It really makes you wonder about police culture when you see this woman’s outrageous behavior and then see another cop laughing as he walks by.

No, it’s not a gender issue, but I do think it’s far less likely that they would have treated a crippled woman this way.

Thanks to the various readers who sent it to me.

Deputy now suspended after dumping man from wheelchair
By: Mike Deeson

Tampa, Florida – The Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Office held a press conference at 10:30am regarding the deputy who can be seen on video dumping a man in a wheelchair onto the ground.

They’ve announced that Deputy Charlette Jones has been relieved of her duties without pay pending the outcome of an investigation. She has not officially been terminated.

Jones has been employed by the Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Office since 1996.

Chief Deputy Joe Docobo watched the video for the first time last night and said he found himself in “disgust” and was “appalled at every level.”

Docobo also announced that two corporals and a sergeant involved are now on administrative leave with pay, and the jail supervisor on duty did not have knowledge of the incident.

Brian Sterner broke his neck almost 14 years ago and is a quadriplegic.

Sterner, who can drive, was arrested on a traffic violation. When he was booked into the Orient Road Jail last month, Sterner couldn”t believe what happened.
He says a deputy looked at him and didn”t believe he was a quadriplegic. She walked behind him, took the handles on the back of the hospital-grade wheel chair and dumped it forward.

Sterner says he tried to roll as he was going down, but hit so hard he thought he had broken two ribs. Then, while he was on the floor, deputies frisked him and tried to get him back into the chair.

Sterner says he told them how to pick him up and put him back into the chair, but because he can”t feel anything from his breastbone down, he says he was injured and didn”t know it. Sterner thought he had broken two ribs, but jail x-rays showed that wasn’t true.

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