The Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook Divorce Trial-Who’s Less Likeable ?

Los Angeles, CA–I’ve discussed the Christie Brinkley/Peter Cook divorce trial on a couple radio shows–to listen to one audio archive from Tuesday, click here or on the tab at the bottom.

It’s hard to tell who’s less likeable in this sordid New York divorce trial/boxing match. In one corner of the ring we have Peter “I’m banging an 19-year-old on the side while we’re still married and if you divorce me I want some of your money” Cook. In the other, we have Christy “I’ve been married and divorced four–count ’em–four times but I’m an innocent, wounded victim and by the way dad won’t be seeing much of his kids anymore” Brinkley.

Also, we have the former mistress, Diana Bianchi (pictured, right), who collected several hundred thousand dollars worth of Cook’s (and Brinkley’s) money during and after her sexual relationship with Cook, and who also claims she’s an innocent victim.

I discussed the case in my recent blog post Christie Brinkley’s Divorce: Vengeance First, Kids Last. I condemn Brinkley’s decision to make the divorce trial public. Also, before she discovered Cook’s affair she had told the national media that Cook is “just the greatest father,” but now she’s interfering with Cook’s access to his children and trying to minimize his role in their lives.

On the other hand, I have limited sympathy for guys like Cook, as if he had no idea that there would be hell to pay (and his kids harmed) once Brinkley found out about his affair. I guess the sex was more important to him than his kids.


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